Travel Route

This tour starts in St. John's Newfoundland with a wheel dip in the Atlantic. We travel across Canada going through every Southern Province and venture as far North as Dawson City. We use the road less traveled and end in Duncan B.C. with a wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean at Victoria BC, Mile '0'. 

Tentative Travel Route

Note: There are some changes to the number of days in each Province
The route is tentative, there are some changes to original route

53 Cars (11 Coasters staying in motels, 5 traveling part way)

68 Days plus extra pre-tour days in St. John's Newfoundland

Starting in St. John’s Newfoundland – Ending in Duncan, BC

Province break down as follows:

Newfoundland - 7 days

Nova Scotia - 5 days

PEI – 3 days

New Brunswick – 5 Days

Quebec – 4 Days

Ontario – 15 Days

Manitoba – 4 Days

Saskatchewan – 6 Days

Alberta – 6 Days

BC – 9 Days including closing festivities

We still have a lot of information to assemble and the route isn't finalized. The Provincial Organizers are working hard assembling the information, arranging tours, meals, camping and many, many other events to make this tour special and unique . The final route will be published in your tour book.

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