Travel Route

This tour starts in St. John's Newfoundland and travels across Canada going through every Southern Province using the less traveled route and ending in Victoria B.C. with a wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean. 

Tentative Travel Route

National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada

 2022 - 55th Anniversary Cross Canada Tour

55 Cars (plus the Coasters staying in motels)

55 Days

Starting in St. John’s Newfoundland – Ending in Victoria, BC

Province break down as follows:

Newfoundland - 7 days

Nova Scotia - 5 days

PEI – 3 days

New Brunswick – 5 Days

Quebec – 4 Days

Ontario – 9 Days

Manitoba – 5 Days

Saskatchewan – 5 Days

Alberta – 5 Days

BC – 7 Days

The map is a little hard to read as it is a photo of a coated map, any questions feel free to contact us.

This is subject to change as we are in the early planning stage

We still have a lot of information to assemble and the route isn't finalized, we are need of Area Coordinators to help with planning. The final route will be published in your tour book.

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