Tour Information

I would like to welcome all the Coasters who have joined the great adventure. There is no other old car tour of its kind in the world. We will spend 59 (plus) days traveling coast to coast exploring Canada’s diverse cultures and unique scenery. The Provincial Coordinators will find the best of the best in each of their provinces. You will enjoy experiences that no other tour can provide.

A few pieces of housekeeping:


$450.00 per person due July 31sth, 2021

Deposit of $200.00 per Vehicle due August 30, 2018

Deduct $200.00 deposit from the Registration Fee of $450.00 p/p on final 2021 payment.

Cheques payable to:

Canadian Coasters

9629 Johnson Rd

Deroche, BC


Contact us for an email for E-Transfers

This includes: Extensive Tour Book with daily routes and events, Opening luncheon, Closing Banquet, Facility rental at Saanich fairgrounds (Victoria) and St. John’s NL. Your tour clothing, tour licence plate, 50 trading collector lapel pins, Laminated ID lanyard, Portfolio case, 5 million dollar tour liability insurance (5 years) This is tour liability insurance and not vehicle or medical insurance, NAACC membership (5years)

All overhead costs;  Our current expenses are in the range of $1,400.00 a year and include NAACC membership, liability insurance, postage, printing, telephone and the upkeep of our three web sites.There are no paid individuals, all coordinators etc. are volunteers. Our books are kept by a Book keeper and at the end of the tour audited by the National. NAACC 


Camping fees, en route group meals, admissions to attractions, and special events, We do compile a list of all the extras that are offered to the Coasters by various car clubs and organizations. If the committee feels the cost is exorbitant we will not offer a prepay option and you will be able to pay at the entrance. Again as we prepay these it is often difficult to obtain refunds.

Deposit: We require a $200.00 per vehicle deposit paid by August 30, 2018, the balance paid by June 31st, 2021. This is fully refundable prior to December 30th, 2021

Refunds: Most items are prepaid before the tour begins; we do our best to provide refunds.

A refund will be given to those cancelling the tour prior to December 30, 2021, less clothing costs, after that date a refund will be given if someone fills your tour spot. 

Refunds: After the tour begins refunds are difficult to get. This was a major problem on previous tours as once booked and pre-paid many  places refused to give money back.


Pre-paid Personal Expenses not cover by the registration fee:

Camping, we arrange and pre-book camping. These can include regular campgrounds, City parks, Recreation/sports Centres, etc. A survey of fifty Coasters indicated that open area campgrounds, City parks and Rec Centers were preferred over heavy treed campgrounds so we could camp as a group and not be separated through out the camping area.

These are prepaid before the tour begins. 

At times we are doubled up and we cannot guarantee electric power. If you need power it is your responsibility to use an inverter or generator. If you have a medical condition an inverter may be the answer.

Motels, we try to block motel/hotel accommodations as close to the campground as possible. Motels are not prepaid, ​these are booked and paid by the individual. You can book other accommodation.

Bus tours, At many location we arrange bus tours as there isn’t parking for all the cars on local tours, these tours include many tourist attractions across Canada.

Group meals, as we travel some car clubs and community groups have group meals for us. This is arranged and prepaid before the tour starts. They are a great social event. It is not mandatory you attend these functions it is however encouraged. They are great fun.



Vehicle, the vehicle must be 25 years old and be of interest to the public to be part of the tour. 


We will not allow a modern vehicle to accompany the tour other than an authorized support vehicle. If your car won't be ready contact us as early as possible so we can add someone from the wait list.

We don't allow tag a longs, our insurance doesn't cover unregistered travelers, this may void our coverage. Most venues require a copy of our insurance policy. If you want to be part of the tour you must be registered.

If there is a problem with campgrounds or any of the many venues discuss the situation with the tour Coordinator, failure to act in a civil manor will result in removal from the tour without financial remuneration. We will not tolerate obnoxious behavior. We are here for a good time, if there is a problem we can work it out. 

Remember we cannot supply electric power at every site, if you need power make arrangements for your unit to be self contained. 

All decisions made by the tour Coordinators are final

Starting City, All the past tours start where the last tour ended, the 2022 Pre-tour will start in St. John’s Newfoundland on June 27th, 2022 with the tour leaving on July 5th.

Questions, if you have a question no matter how small send us an email or give us a phone call. Asking someone else doesn’t always get the right answer. Get the facts from the Coordinators.

Charity Fund, 

As we travel we donate to different local charities. In the past we have donated to Coaster families, flood relief, food banks and other local needs.

Expences not included

A couple of Coaster Tour Rules

Provincial Tour Organizers

British Columbia  -  Glenn and Lynn Monteith, Larry & Sharon O'Brian
Alberta  -  Warren Rogalsky & Louise Eamon
Saskatchewan & Manitoba  -  Maurice Debruyne & Debbie MacRae
Ontario (Each doing a portion)  - Randy & Vicki King, Joe and Carol Taylor, Jim & Joan Scott (Still need more help)
Quebec -  Bastien Leblanc
New Brunswick - Lester & Millie MacKay (part way), Blair and Joan Chisholm NAACC, Karen Dempsey 
Prince Edward Island  -  Rudy & Ruth Croken, NAACC
Nova Scotia  -  Glen and Isabel Tate
Newfoundland  -  Bobby Ford, NAACC
Do not contact the Provincial Organizers directly, All requests for information needs to be directed to Dorothy or Fraser