We do our best to get full service camping. The problem is we are a large group and we only normally stay one night. The campground can't clear out it's regular clientele for us. Some nights we will be in unserviced camping facilities such as parks, recreation centres etc. there will be nights when we don't have electric power hook ups. If it is a must that you have 110 electric power you will need to have battery and inverter backup or a generator. The Provincial Organizers do their best, please be prepared. We have washrooms and showers available, we often stay at civic and recreation centres etc., these have full service facilities open for our use. Any questions send us an email. 


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Provincial Tour Organizers

British Columbia  -  Glenn and Lynn Monteith, Larry & Sharon O'Brian
Alberta  -  Warren Rogalsky & Louise Eamon, Erich & Carol Ruppert
Saskatchewan & Manitoba  -  Maurice Debruyne 
Ontario (Each doing a portion)  - Randy & Vicki King, Joe and Carol Taylor, Jim & Joan Scott (Still need more help)
Quebec -  Bastien Leblanc
New Brunswick - Lester & Millie MacKay (part way), Blair and Joan Chisholm NAACC, Karen Dempsey 
Prince Edward Island  -  Rudy & Ruth Croken, NAACC
Nova Scotia  -  Glen and Isabel Tate and Phil George
Newfoundland  -  Bobby Ford, NAACC
Do not contact the Provincial Organizers directly, All requests for information needs to be directed to Dorothy or Fraser